Time to die
Coming in 2021

"Time to die" is a look at the infrastructure of my depression and isolation. By sharing my personal world I intend to give be a voice to fight mental illness and advocate for every human's right to care.
Every time I experience a period of depression in my life I feel I am left to wander the void left in my heart & mind. It can seem endless, with very little around to grab onto in terms of hope.
There is a time to fight. A time to live. A time to die. To wander here is to fight. Bypassing the urge to simply sit, and let this disease claim you. To die here is to live again. Sometimes the only way for things to get better is to burn it down and build again. This rebirth comes after the depression has past, and now we are forever changed. The depression is likely not finished, but you have to manage, plan, accept, and fight.
This is my best attempt thus far in my career to take your hand, and show myself in hopes you'll tell me about you. This is a conversation.
This is the first piece in the series. Simply titled, "no. 1", mixed media on wood panel, 32" x 49"
More to come