"The only thing you keep forever, is what you give away."
My work is influenced by experience. A big part of my experience is derived from living paycheck to paycheck most of my life, and the ripples from that. I've worked a job to support my creative endeavors for years. As a result, the only art I've had to put on my walls is my own. Individuals and families in the same position as I have experienced do not have disposable income to purchase art, and most would agree that does not make them less deserving. I take on the responsibility of changing that. I aim to make my art accessible. I will work with someone to put art in their hands. If someone really wants one of my pieces because it communicates to them, and they find the connection there which I work hard to create then I want them to have it. I will adjust the price, take payments, and in some cases give the art away.
How can I give the art away? I once heard this phrase, and while it may sound like a clear contradiction it has stayed with me for years...
"The only thing you keep forever, is what you give away."
...and to that, brings the third prong of my mission. I create art shows that are an experience. If you leave my show and do not remember the experience you had there, I failed to connect with you. I work to build an environment around my work to create an immersive experience in difference to a traditional show. The shows will often contain interactive elements that support the work and its collective theme. When I work to create a show, I am creating the world I live in, and for one night I am inviting you in. I want that to be as magical for you as it is for me to build it. With this in mind, if I for example sell numbered tickets at the door for a nominal price that allows me to absorb the cost of time, effort, material, and skill put into a painting. I can then give a select painting away, and the show-goer is out no more than a few dollars in exchange for the experience while also helping to put art in deserving hands.
As with everything I do: the work, the shows, the experience, due diligence will determine the way in which to distribute art that is given away.
MAKE ART accessible,
MAKE ART that communicates, 
MAKE ART shows an experience. 
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