"Lately I find myself wanting to spend more time in the dark." 
I believe art is a powerful tool and should be used as such. Human beings just want to connect and feel they're not alone, I make art in an effort to do that.
The things that are hard to say, the things that are often left in the dark, are the things this show are made of.
These aren't just pictures, and they aren't meant to live on a wall in peripheral vision. Some art is worthy of a longer look.
Bob Ross Shit: Mtns & Val, 2019
Painting: Coffee, Spray Paint, Pastel, Pencil, Black & White, Acrylic on Wood, Other.

Our beds are platforms, stages, sponges... they soak up some of the most joyous and desperate moments in our lives. If that energy could be bottled, it'd reside right here in this mattress.
One time: ya blew it, 2019
Painting: Acrylic, Spray Paint, Pastel, Marker, Pencil on Wood.
Tell me ONE time ya blew it... I love asking this question because it’s funny but also revealing. Sometimes we can laugh at our behaviors as way to mask what's really going on, like when we are being self destructive.
Liability, 2019
Painting: Pastel, Spray Paint, Pencil, Latex, Acrylic on Wood.
If you were homeless, what would be in your cart? I’ve asked myself this question as I considered my father. He died a homeless man in the city where I'm from. There was plenty I loved about him, but becoming him has been one of my greatest fears.
Unpacked, 2019
Painting: Coffee, Pastel, Spray Paint, Pencil, Latex, Acrylic on Wood.
Too much to hold. Too volatile to hide. No longer can I confide, in these tightly fit corners. For all around to see, my baggage will reside.
Some boys, 2019
Painting: Spray Paint, Pastel, Marker, Latex, Pencil on Wood.
This is me as the anti-hero of my own life. The letter "B" on the shirt symbolizes how I felt about myself at the time. The ultimate boy.
F•R•I•E•N•D•S, 2019
Painting: Coffee, Pastel, Spray Paint, Pencil, Latex, Acrylic on Wood.
You may have seen this episode, but I hope for your sake you haven’t. You know, “It’s the one where no one else is there.”
Bare bones, 2019
Painting: Wood Glue, Pastel, Spray Paint, Pencil, Latex, Acrylic on Wood.

One day I closed my eyes and thought of what would happen if I were gone.
I call this piece, “Bare bones” because I don’t think there’s a time you’re more vulnerable than a moment you really ponder your existence.
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