Adam Newman, The American Realist, 2019, Mixed media on wood, 49x32"
The soul seeks truth, therefore I create for myself in search of my most honest expression. My practice has convinced me this will be achieved by trusting the intuition of my subconscious. The work begins with the imagery that surfaces during times of meditation and dream. I trust that each painting leads me closer to my goal. The paintings contain pieces of memories & experiences fragmented over time. An amalgamation of all that I have seen, touched, and heard. The work changes with each new season, and will reveal my true self.  My mind is a teacher in this way. Showing me truth hidden by my current perspective.​​​​​​​
In doing so, I use a variety of media including but not limited to: latex, acrylic & spray paints, colored pencil, pastel, and graphite. My chosen surface is wood, and over time I have transcended the medium to go beyond a painted surface to include etching when deemed appropriate for the piece.
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