I believe that when I create out of pure responsibility—where I have no choice but to make an image because not sharing is to neglect my calling as a communicator—that's when an honest energy makes its way into the work. After its creation, it will live independently, radiating that energy to all those who stop to really look and listen to what it has to share.

I've lived my life through a cinematic lens—everything has always felt 150% to me. Things get bigger in the corners of my mind. As a result, these corners have become autonomous landscapes, always growing and evolving, becoming more vast with every passing season leaving a steady stream of new information. My mind is a world-builder, and it is my goal to share these worlds with you through effective images and interactive, immersive & unique viewing experiences.

An artist can create anything: plan, strategize, and execute. But I’ve been making art with the intention of finding the rare, real, and visceral within myself in order to connect with you. I have done this not knowing what it looks like; where, why, or how it exists. Working this way, the images often reveal more than I knew or understood about them from the onset. I believe, in the same way the images speak to me, they will communicate with the viewer. Set aside knowledge of what is familiar and solid in order to step into the worlds I create, take on the freedom to explore them just as I do. It is here you will understand that I make art to be lived with, rather than that which blends into a room.
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